hwlk is a design-make studio, founded by Hugo Keene, working with a varied group of talented collaborators and assistants. The practice focuses primarily on architectural problems and urban issues. All of our projects are explored via integrated physical and theoretical experiments in craft, material, technology, and experience. 

The focus is long term sustainability within the urban context and the manner in which architecture can facilitate positive change in the lives of its users. Sustainability achieved through longevity and experience. In short, we design buildings, the spaces around them and things that go in them, and we design them to be worth keeping. Sometimes we also make them too.

We achieve high quality outcomes through integration, collaboration and workshop thinking. This approach is successful, due to an understanding of the construction process, exploration of context, industry collaboration and technical philosophy. Through design and technical research, experience based learning and multidisciplinary collaboration, we are able to progress and better our built outcomes.

We are adept and capable at a wide range of building types and design work and undertake each project with the same approach, rooted in design research and integrating the needs of our clients with contextually sensitive response.